Assets Value – $98,000,000

Had 8 current businesses and mix of large properties Australia wide

Two loans defaulted 2 years earlier and were placed into the bank collections team.

Loan defaults were rectified within 3 months of that date but the Bank left us in collections and charged default interest.

I was referred to DJ Partners by my lawyer and a leading liquidation firm discussed my urgent issue with only one day to Receivers being appointed.

  • DJ Partners stopped appointment of Receivers.
  • I entered a new 12 month loan.
  • My interest rates were out of default saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • I sold my Business for a premium amount and without DJ Partners, we would have lost a lifetime of work.

Ian and Francis

Asset Value – $26,000,000

The results that you have been able to achieve have astonished me. To recap, you have:
Stopped the bank from mortgagee selling my properties for 7 months so that I could sell them myself and achieve higher prices.
Amazingly you somehow managed to negotiate my debts and saved me over $2,500,000.
You stopped the harassing phone calls from various creditors to give me a chance to concentrate on my business.

Whilst I know that you are paid for the service, the above actions are life changing. During this period my wife and I have had significant health problems and your efforts have helped our recovery by allowing us to concentrate on what was important to us. I appreciate the time and hours that you spent on my file, and for engineering the end result.

Thank you again for your very structured and no nonsense approach with dealing with the issues at hand, as you are aware I have already referred other business associates to you who found they needed the expertise your firm offers.


Assets Value – $30,000,000

DJ Partners achieved a very sound result for our company which would not have happened without them.

Irrespective of our previous Company success and history with our bank we were in a situation which had evolved into a serious bureaucratic matter over nothing.

DJ Partners provided relevant, high calibre, commercial experience which we found quite unique. They quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of our situation, our company and what needed to be done. More importantly they genuinely had the right resources, contacts and ability to fix the problem.

For a small Company employing 22 people such as ours, exposure to the level of expertise provided by DJ Partners is not always available and yet not once did DJ Partners make us feel out of our league. In fact their knowledge, patience and encouragement remained extremely professional amongst their whole team.

I would not hesitate to recommend DJ Partners and would welcome any direct reference request.