High Net Worth

Many of our clients have built their wealth over the past few decades. They come from a variety of backgrounds in business and often operate several smaller or medium sized businesses at once. Whilst experts in their own field, when there is a financial problem where the bank has called in lending facilities with an imminent mortgagee sale, often our clients do not have the time or understanding of bank policy to navigate effectively. Our function is to understand our client’s portfolio, the events that led to a bank default and what they wish to achieve in practical and commercial terms. Having acted for clients in almost every major industry we understand the urgency to mobilise our team, engage with your bank and get to work on your business recovery. Clients approach DJ Partners for strategic business advice when facing urgent challenges with their financial institutions.

For example:

  • Has your property dropped in value?
  • Has the bank lost appetite for your business sector?
  • Has your bank facility expired?
  • Are you behind in loan repayments as a result of hardship?
  • Are you behind with trade creditors or tax, now placing you in financial distress?

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