Often our clients are experiencing extreme long term financial hardship. This is often as a result of external factors beyond their control. Whilst cash flow is still being generated, clients are usually behind with their repayments and simply cannot catch up. Some clients have already been extended a grace period from their banks and have also partaken in farm debt mediation forums yet the bank is or has called in their loans. There are options that are available to all clients but any strategy undertaken must be executed with precision and in a timely manner. Our experience in senior banking roles across risk, credit, hardship, restructuring and disputes, along with mortgage litigation and our understanding of bank specific appetites and their policy restrictions has been the foundation of our success in representing over $2.2 billion in client portfolios. Our success rate has remained above 84.6% since incorporation. Clients approach DJ Partners for strategic business advice when facing urgent challenges with their financial institutions.

For example:

  • Has your property dropped in value?
  • Has the bank lost appetite for your business sector?
  • Has your bank facility expired?
  • Are you behind in loan repayments as a result of drought, floods or cyclones?
  • Are you behind with trade creditors or tax, now placing you in financial distress?

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