About Us

We protect your financial assets, develop strategies and negotiate with your creditors to ensure that you retain control.

About Us

DJ Partners is a specialised consultancy company that provides comprehensive debt strategy solutions for corporate and high net worth individuals across a multitude of industries.

Our expertise in assisting clients in financial distress is unsurpassed and our ability to negotiate and secure a dynamic outcome with your bank or creditors is robustly validated by our unwavering success.

Our team at DJ Partners utilise decades of experience in debt consultancy; harnessing our formidable strength and experience across banking and finance, legal consultancy and risk management, as well as continual cultivation of our embedded relationships with regulatory and industry bodies.

Through our intimate understanding of your situation and desired outcome, we work passionately to protect your assets and wealth.

Why DJ Partners

Our unique debt consultancy model is based around an holistic platform to engage with our clients and their advisors, accountants, lawyers, brokers and financial planners to ensure the execution of a unified strategy is carefully managed. We are yet to discover any other firm that are able to comprehensively service the needs of high net worth clients with extensive understanding of credit, risk, regulatory bodies, litigation, banking appetites, policy and their restrictions.

We travel to each client’s location to best understand how they built their wealth and what went wrong in order to intimately understand their desired outcome. We then engage our client’s bank to understand their credit risk position and appetite so we can effectively formulate and execute an acceptable strategy for our client and the banks.

Since 2011 we have assisted over $2.2 billion in client portfolios with a client success rate of 84.6%.

We have significant banking experience in the areas of credit, risk, hardship, complaints, and restructuring. We combine this with technical expertise in mortgage litigation in all states, understanding internal and external dispute resolution bodies and their terms of reference. Ultimately, we are able to cut through the red tape and work with your bank to develop and execute your most desired outcome and protect you in the process.