Client Scenario

Client Regains Control After Communication Breakdown with the Bank

Client presents with the following scenario:

  • Client actively purchased and sold numerous residential properties by harnessing equity in existing properties they owned over a 10 year period.
  • Client had always maintained a solid relationship with the bank and had on-going support with all prior lending requirements.
  • Client had requested retention of partial sale-proceeds to assist cash-flow and loan interest costs over the Christmas/New Year period given the historically quiet time of year for property transactions (this request would have still maintained a maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 80%).
  • A miscommunication between the bank and client resulted in the full sale proceeds being applied to the reduction of debt, leaving the client with no access to funds.
  • Client defaulted for a period of three months and incurred default interest on their total debt.
  • The bank commenced recovery action against the client

Client’s objectives were:

  • Avoid the forced sale of any assets.
  • Release partial sale proceeds back to the client, in terms of the original agreement with the bank.
  • Retain support from the bank as a long-standing client

DJ Partners achieves results for clients:

Following discussion with the Bank DJ Partners confirmed:

  • Ensured all default interest was reversed
  • Stopped any recovery action against the client
  • Achieved reimbursement of funds to the client from the sale proceeds and the capitalisation of residual interest